July 30, 2006

Yay a blog

Posted in Random at 8:00 pm by thegrrl

Ok well this is what will have to do for now, because I am waiting for hosting at po.gs, I am a member of the forum there, the people there seem to be really cool. Except the last few days I’ve been posting hardly anyone shows up and posts lol, and there is suppose to be loads of members, some of their member names look fake lol.

Anyway I’ve been waiting and well I guess I thought I would make a blog somewhere. I didn’t really like Livejournal, just didn’t like the set up. And Blogger, has banners at the top, this one had nothing at the top and so easy to use so far anyway hehe.

Right! So what to talk about, hmm nothing yet, well obviously I am talking about something, but well let me see oh yeah, I have a little clique that I took over from my friend Emily, its for people who have a re-direct/domain name .tk, it’s not doing very good, so I may abandon it, well close it that is. Lol. You can find that at got-tk, thats the only thing I have made so far, oh yeah but I did apply for a fanlisting, for the Lindsay Lohan fanlisting, she’s such a great actress, I loved her in Freaky Friday. so I’m waiting on that, so I don’t know if I’ll get it, I’ll see though huh? Well thats all for now.


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