August 5, 2006


Posted in Tv Shows at 12:15 pm by thegrrl

I’ve always liked watching that show. My favorite character is Piper, I don’t know why, I just think shes so conservative, you would think I liked Phoebe or something, I do, but I like Piper more. I love the music they play in the intro, anyone watch this show? Speaking of shows, anyone watch Big Brother last night. Yay Susie got voted out, she is so BORING, they should of put someone else instead of her, she was taking up space, when someone who would appreciate it would of enjoyed the time more *like me* haha. Posh stuck up Susie is out!! I’m glad Mikey was evicted too, because he was beginning to be a trouble maker, talking down to the housemates, and never letting them get a word in edge wise. So I’m glad they are both out.

I like the new twist, they are bringing back 4 old housemates, and only one will go back into the house woohoo. Ok so the people I wouldn’t mind seeing goback in just to make it juicier, Nikki, Janey, Michael, Spiral, they really are the ones I’d like to see go back in, because I think they would do things differently hopefully they learned something, and will chage the way they were so people will like them more and give them more of a chance to WIN!

If Big Brother is around again for another year, I am so definitely going to go and audition it would be so much fun. From what Susie says, you are standing and waiting for hours, I think that is an over exaggeration, because I went to go see the show The Price is right in America, and they let us sit, we didnt have to stay standing the whole time there, so I wouldn’t think Big Brother or channel 4 would make people stand for hours.

Anyway I think I’ll go and browse the forum again some more. See ya!


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