August 8, 2006

Cartier Fanlisting!

Posted in Drama, Random, Tv Shows, Website at 8:31 pm by thegrrl

Yes!! I applied for a fanlisting for the Cartier brand, yeah they are expensive but a girl can dream right? So anyway, I got the email from the previous owner yesterday. And what happend? I began to panic, I totally forgot I had no hosting what so ever. I have been posting at this one forum, while I wait to see if I get some free hosting from them, but I have heard nothing, so I had to keep looking around. Anddddd to my amazement, I found a place that is offering hosting (awardspace), and the best part about it, well there is many best parts about it, and I’ll tell you about them, is that I don’t have to answer to anyone about when I update, or the lack of members etc, PLUS they offer 1mysql, php and loads of other things. Oh I am so happy, so that is what I’ve been working on now. I’m installing the script called Enthusiast from what I have heard and seen, its a really great script and it is going to be a lot of fun installing it, and doing all the stuff related to it. I have applied for like one or two other fanlistings, but for now, thats good enough, I may even move my clique to this domain also. I still want to get hosting at I want to move this blog to that site. Separate from my collective you might say.

This tv show called “Father of the Pride” is so funny, has anyone seen it? I think it’s adorable. Speaking of adorable, the other day I was at the forum, and a caption contest was up, so I went to it, to see what it’s about. Well we had to write a caption and hope that the guy who owns the site laughs at it, so i said what the hell I’ll go ahead and do it. Then a day or two later, I went back and posted that it reminded me of the blowfish “Bloat” of Finding Nemo, well I commented that it was such a cute movie, this guy commented that sometimes its childish, I said, there is nothing wrong with being childish, am I right? I mean just cause your older doesn’t mean you can’t like that kind of stuff, not that he was saying that but I felt he kind of implied it. But whatever on that, it’s no big deal just thought I would comment on it.

I’m going to watch Big Brother tonight, it’s the episode when they vote someone to be evicted on Friday, but also the night that 4 of the old housemates go back into the house next door, and then 1 of the four will go back into the main house. Woohoo that is going to be some show tonight! Anywone watch the show religiously? I do haha. Friends is on, I want to go watch that and work on my other project, Ok see you later.


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