August 9, 2006

Domain 4 Free

Posted in Drama, Random, Tv Shows, Website at 12:53 pm by thegrrl

Last night whilst browsing a website, I came across a forum that would give you a free domain for free and all you do is post and get 200 points, so far I am up to 57, and I am going to keep going, I should be done by the end of the week. I posted a thread about The Death Clock which everyone knows it’s all just a joke, much like the site Human For Sale I thoght it to be kind of petty, because it was all in fun. So it’s like saying, it’s okay to sell a human being like they are meat, but to see when you may die is bad? Not fair, it was all a joke anyway and I’m sure everyone knows it, and also it says it on the site too. Grr on the guy who closed that threat!

Well on to the real subject FREE DOMAIN, well it seems like its for real, I don’t have anything to lose with posting at this forum its quite fun, if you want a free domain then go Domain4Free, and sign up that will give me credit toward my domain also. So since I got some free hosting over at then if I do indeed get this domain, then I will be able to use it, how exciting is that, the hard part will be coming up with a name. What a chore? lol.

I watched Big Brother last night, and they finally choose the 4 old housemates to return to the house nextdoor, they are *drum roll* Grace (yuck i don’t like her), Nikki ( i love nikki she is *entertainment*), Mikey (blah), Lea (she cries way too much), anyway those are the old house mates that are going back, out of them, on friday they will choose who will go into the Big Brother main house! I personally would like to see Nikki go back in, cause I think she is very entertaining, but I wouldn’t want to live in the same house as her whinning skinny bum lol. But I do want to see the drama between her and Ashleyne, because everyone knows, they hate each other, so there will be a lot of drama, haha I can hardly wait!

I am still working on my fanlisting site, so that is coming along very slowly, I ran into a little problem but I should be able to fix it soon. I have added a new person to my links on the sidebar go and visit Renee at her website she has some great graphics. I’m going to back to posting, and working on my pages.



  1. Renee said,

    it sucks that the admin of D4Free closed the thread
    i will die in 2029… :/ hope it won’t come true hahaha
    good luck with your site! 🙂

  2. thegrrl said,

    Haha thanks, it was only a joke thing, i emailed him asking him why and apologizing for posting it. I didn’t mean any harm.

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