August 10, 2006

Grr @ dial up

Posted in Random, Tv Shows, Weather, Website at 9:52 pm by thegrrl

I never complain about dial up, because I am thankful that I even have that lol. But today I was trying to get on yahoo, to talk to this girl that knows how to install Enthusiast, I needed to ask her a few questions. Well it didn’t want to connect, so she recommended I use the web browser version, so I said cool 🙂 Ok so I go to launch that using Firefox, and what happens, when I try to add someone it would kick me off, and she tried to message me and it kicked me off Ahhhh I got frustrated and so did she. So I decide to use IE and damnit it didn’t want to allow the program to run cause I didn’t have java enabled, so I just said hell with it. I got so frustrated I gave up.

So I added some “me” content, so you know who you are reading about. There really isn’t going to be anything for visitors, I don’t make graphics so I won’t be doing that, besides there are so many people out there that make such brillant graphics, mine would sit and collect net dust lol, so I leave it to the professionals. So I don’t believe there will be any visitor content, forget about tutorials, because again, there are a lot of tutorial sites, so I don’t need to put my 2 cents in about stuff I don’t fully know.

I’m waiting for Big Brother to come on, so in the meantime the tv is tuned to some show called Fat Beauty Contest, why do they call it Fat? I mean we know they are big, but damn can’t they find a better name for it, do they call regular beauty contests “Skinny Contests” Lol. Oh well whatever.

It’s horribly cloudy today, cold, but thats your typical England weather lol. I can’t think of a domain name to get, I have to be careful cause I have to pick the right one. I’d like an .nu but I don’t think that is among the choices. Hmm I should check up on that and see if it is, would be great to have one hahah. Just cause people hardly have those and they are popping up everywhere and for like a year now I’ve been thinking about it. Hmm I think I’ll go pop on the forum and ask. Ok well not much to really talk about. So I’m going for now.



  1. Jillian said,

    Thanks, dear, for the support. I’m not sure what ever happened to that man. If he were sitting in prision I think I might be fairly upset, only for the fact he has free shelter and free food. I guess that’s a bit cynical of me. Anyway.

    If your visitors absolutely need content in the future you could always just add interesting articles you find. If you prefer to keep this a personal site, they will just have to get over it.

    For picking a domain name, pick something that suits your personality. Find a word that describes you completely, but make sure you won’t get sick of it in a month. Lol. .NU names are more expensive than regular domain names. 54 US dollars, I think about 42 EUR, was the least expensive I could find. That was If you buy them from (I believe that’s the correct URL) they cost 60 EUR, which is like 75 US dollars. No matter where you register the .NU name it is automatically a two years minimum registeration.

    Before I start writing my own blog here, I’ll stop.

  2. Allen said,

    Lol sometimes when im 12? i got my first dial-up connection and i know it suck………on my country sometimes it disconnect every 😦 1 hour you might want to ask your mom 😛 to get a DSL Connection 🙂

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