August 11, 2006

Getting A Domain!

Posted in Random, Website at 6:46 pm by thegrrl

Yay! I was posting at Domain4Free and well I was well on my way to getting my 200 points, not posts lol. Well this girl I met Renee she donated points to me, something you can do there. And I am well over 200 points now, so I can request my domain, she has always gotten her domain from posting there too, so she is a real person that has gotten it, so I believe it to be real. Now the waiting list is a lil long, and they only do one domain per name and there is about, well let’s just say that as many people that are waiting it will be a few months till I get it, BUT I don’t have to post until I get my domain if I don’t want to. So now the tricky thing is, thinking of a domain name. They don’t issue out .nu names so I can forget about that lol. Wish me luck with that.

I haven’t worked on the fanlisting, because last time I worked on it, I had trouble, and I got frustrated, but I need to get it up I would say within 2 weeks if that, so today I am going to really try and achieve that. Oh how cool I didn’t know this blog thing had an autosave thing.

I’ve decided to make my blog look nice hahah, I put a icon like I have on this one, I edited my other posts and added one to each blog. It looks nice, this girl makes them nice. You can find her link in the credits section. I have a few icons from aonther girls site, but I don’t remember her url 😦 I’m sorry if it’s yours please comment and I’ll add you to my credits page. Thats all for now, give me ideas to add if I decide to add a visitors section. I need to work on my fanlisting.



  1. Renee said,

    I did not get my domain from D4Free…:/
    but I believe their offer is real because some people did get their domains from there 2 / 3 months ago
    im #12 on the waiting list
    maybe I will ask the admin and see if I can give my position to you when it’s my turn to get the domain? so you can get your domain earlier? 😀

    look through your play list and maybe you will get inspirations for your domain name through songsss 🙂

  2. Millie said,

    Omg I am so sorry, I totally mixed things up. I’ll have to fix that on my next post, sorry Renne. Wow!! That would be so great, aww your such a sweety thank you sooooooo much 😉

  3. Allen said,

    Hmmm im one of the guy on waiting list i don’t have number yet still hoping to have one 😛 goodluck with your domain name Millie

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