August 12, 2006


Posted in Random, Shopping, Weather, Website at 7:59 pm by thegrrl

Well first off let me say that I made a mistake in my last post when I said Renee got her domain from the same place I am trying to get mine, she is on the waiting list still, she got another domain through another website at Gogb during a contest, plus they offer free hosting there too. So just wanted to fix that little mistake I made, sorry about that Renee. She also offered me her position in getting a domain, how sweet of her huh? I just wondered, does that mean she won’t be able to get a domain? No wait it means she will take my place i n the waiting list, wow she’s number #12 wooo hoo I don’t even know what number I am but I know it’s way in the back lol. Oh my god that would be so awesome!! She is going to have a permanent link in my loved section hehe.

So mom and me went shopping today!!! Yay got myself 4 pair of pants, 6 blouses, 3 hoodies (its cold here lol), 2 pairs of shoes, bunch of accessories, 4 dresses (yes i like dresses), 2 cute hats, a scarf (to put around my cold neck), some make up, and a few oher little things, now thats what I call a shopping spree. My mom loves to shop and she loves taking me with he, so I don’t complain. Isn’t this just too cute? I love the colors.

I think its so pretty, its a silkscarf, wow it was only like £19.50 I’m even surprised my mom bought it, but watch she’ll want to use it lolol. My mom is not a typical mom, she is one of those “cool” moms you know?

I visited Joanne’s site and she had this adorable layout with a cute image from MiseryBoutique oh you just have to see it, its adorable, sooo pink hahah. Not what I would have on my layout but I had to mention it.

I suddenly don’t feel so good, so I’m going to go for now, I need to work on that fanlisting before that girl changes her mind, wish me luck 🙂



  1. Courtney said,

    That IS a cute scarf. You’re lucky you got that awesome shopping spree, sounds like fun. =)

    Good luck getting your domain!

  2. Chance said,

    Lovely Scarf. Thats quite a shopping spree under your belt there.

    Hope you get the domain 🙂

  3. iron said,

    Lovely Scarf i think it wil look realy good on you 😛
    good luck on your domain hope you get it soon

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