August 24, 2006

Might Change

Posted in Forum, Tv Shows, Weather at 7:19 pm by thegrrl

I’ve been posting a lot lately, which is fun when there is something to post about. But lately on this one board, it’s been rather boring I’m sorry to say. I get excited when there is something to post a reply about. So I am thinking of maybe going to more active board, can anyone recommend an active board? Beside that, I haven’t done much, it’s been raining here and it’s just so dreary. School is going to start soon, so I won’t be online much then, not as much as now.

At this one board I’ve been asked to be a MOD but I don’t think I can be, especially because school is going to start, and then I won’t be on that much. So I am going to have to decline. I am waiting still for my domain so I hope that happens before school starts so it will be already and I just do my updating. The domain name I picked, I found out afterward that someone else has a similar name, if not exact for the exception of the extension. So I am kinda blah about the name now. I like it still but I am trying to think of alternative names.

Pete the winner of Big Brother UK, well I read this on one of the boards, so I will just put when it says here. I think it’s great and I expected something like that to happen.

Pete will star in a “rockumentary” series with his band Daddy Fantastic.

The band will let cameras follow their UK tour in October, with the results likely to be shown on Channel 4. The programme is being made by Big Brother producers Endemol.

A source told The Sun: “Cameras would get backstage access to Pete and the band and film their shows. It’s likely to be similar to the Monkees TV show in the 60s. But Daddy Fantastic are such characters it’ll probably be more like This Is Spinal Tap.

Isn’t that fantastic, yay for him. So now I’ll go back to posting, and figure out possibly another domain name. Wish me luck.


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