September 8, 2006

Gogb gone!

Posted in Website at 7:41 pm by thegrrl

I just love talking to Remco aka iron he just opened up an Anime forum, so you should go and check those out, he’s from the Netherlands, and is super sweet 🙂 So school is well blah, that is about the most I am going to say about school hahah. As Janey said, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” 😦 that’s too bad, but I know there has to be other places that do the same thing, but are legitimate. This one girl, Renee had gotten some hosting from them also, so I thought since she did, it was for real. Could she be part of the whole scam? Naaa she seems so nice, just couldn’t be. Haven’t heard from her in awhile, I think I’ll go visit her site, see how she is doing. Lot’s of people are upset about it. I am too, posting for what? Nothing, can’t believe people would do that, but then again there are so many scams online these days, hey at least I didn’t really pay anything like money wise, just some of my time is all. When they put up the new skin and moved servers I thought wow this is going to be so much fun, but then people started asking for the admin, and nothing, no one heard a word, they say it’s been 3 weeks, what admin stays away that long without saying something? Well I just went to the site and the guy, the admin guy -CT- left a message, I don’t know whether to believe it or not, but check it out for yourself so was it a scam? I don’t know, probably never will. So now on to finding another place to post for hosting, since I still haven’t heard from, they are still around, but you don’t post there, just submit and you’re put into a lottery type thing. Ok well that’s all the fantastic news for now. I am still waiting for my domain though :keeps fingers crossed its legitimate:. So I am going with my mom to a friends this weekend, so no posting for me, and guess what? I get to take my homework, yay, yeah right lol. Figures she’d make me take it hahah. Ok well I’m off to find another board to get hosting from 😀



  1. iron said,

    just wanted to say 2 things
    first off thanks ,.. i like talking to you 2 .. your very sweet yourself , your nice to talk to and you listen to me
    secondly i have my doubts about gobg he says that he is moving to a place where no internet will be given ,.. thats kinda strange ,.. i meen people dont move from 1 day to the next you think about moving and if he thought about moving he should not have made a host because he knuw that it will go a way when he moved

  2. Sava said,

    Hmm I guess it was a scam … that message on his site now … it’s for some babies I guess

  3. Allen said,

    Hmmm………based on my speculations o.O it’s really a scammed try going to my site and they are all up o.O like / and you can accessed the WHM (Reseller Panel) on and it’s perfectly fine and my cpanel is working o.o so he just put the forum but the account is working o.O what do you think guys?

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