September 9, 2006

It’s Cold

Posted in Website at 11:19 pm by thegrrl

I talked no wait I got an email from Renee today and she told me she was busy with schoo, she also told me somethings about this -CT- guy that ran the website that I had been posting at. Basically things he put on his msn that lead her to believe that he’d been lying about having family that passed away, and I to be honest kind of don’t believe him either, he runs a lot of sites, and how can someone that does that, and seems to be online a lot, suddenly be moving to a place that has no internet, it sounds fake to me. I think he probably has been using all these people to get money from the ads they probably click on. How sad huh? Well what goes around comes around, karma works in mysterious ways and it’ll come around to him in the end.

So I joined as a staff member at as a code checker, I did all my categories today, so I am good to go until next month. It’s really not that bad, it’s easy work. She is still looking for people to help, so if you have time and want to help by visiting other sites go check it out and be a staff member 🙂

As for hosting I am still looking around, I hope to hear from, because they have a fast server and that is what I want. Please please email me lol. So Ashley is staying over, and she already went to sleep, so I am just going to stay on a bit longer than go to bed, cause we are going to go out for awhile tomorrow, maybe to the mall, I don’t know I want to go see a movie, I want to see World Trade Center movie, I’m not sure I have to see what Ashley wants to see also. I am so close to looking for hosting somewhere else, because I can’t really do much with this blog here. And the hosting I got at well I don’t think they let me send emails, like use the smtp or whatever there. I don’t know. And the domain thing, well I am still waiting, I’m getting tired of waiting lol. I know I know I have to be patient. Ok well I’m going to go play with this program I’m trying to figure out.



  1. yadhie said,

    hi, i am yadhie form member
    nice to come to this site….

    peace from indonesia


  2. Sava said,

    Hehe, I have made a request to also. Maybe we’ll be coworkers 🙂

    And leave that site … what the heck … may he choack on bones 😀

  3. Sava said,

    and by the way .. I would appreciate it if you could post a link to my blog to your blogroll, I allready posted your link on mine.
    Thanks 😀

  4. Sava said,

    Thanks for the link in the blog roll 😀

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