September 17, 2006

I got my domain!

Posted in Friends, Website at 7:28 pm by thegrrl

OMG! I have been so excited for the past few days since I was emailed that I got my domain! I hadn’t been able to come online to do anything because of school, homework and well friends, but OMG I got my domain, I am proof that D4Free really works, I posted 200 times and finally got my domain, I was helped along though by the ever so friendly Renee, she was so sweet to let me take her position in the queue, she had already aquired a domain, so she let me go ahead of her, she still was able to get her other domain, I’m pretty sure she was, but it still allowed me to go ahead and take her place. So I am very grateful to her, plus she had donated some points to me, so she is forever a permanent link on my site.

So now that I have that, I have had the server set so it points to a host, but I am not too excited about that host, I have some issues with it. I want to be able to have more than one sql, I know a place that hosts them, so I may do it that way, unless someone out there knows someone else that hosts domains, and is being generous 🙂 If you do, please let me know, thanks.

So in my previous post you seen that this guy I met wrote something for me, and it is so romantic. I really like him, very much, I am falling for him so hard hehe. I try to talk to him everyday that I can. I love talking to him, I love him, yes I do lol. Well it feels like it anyway. Ok so I think I’ll go do some browsing and see what I can find as for another host. And check on that place that hosts mysqls cause I want to host my own clique, and install a few things that run on mysql. Wish me luck. I’ll post another day, when I have something good to say, I hope that I am able to back up these posts I have made here, because it would suck so bad if I can’t. I know that this blog is hosted by, but still I am keeping my fingers crossed.



  1. Motoko said,

    hi millie!
    Sorry for not writing back you… well, I just wanted to say thank you for visiting my site. love your cool site!

    I’m not good at English but I will do my best! hehe

    Write to me when it is possible.

    have a nice day! xx motoko

  2. Renee said,

    wow you really are in love with Remco? (online dating? lol)
    is he “iron” on the D4Free forums?
    never talked to him but he seems like a really nice person.
    this host seems nice. I think they have everything you need and they don’t require anything. (except a simmple link back) they have free reseller plan too!

  3. iron said,

    yeah d4free realy works i also got my domain but my host is working on adding my domain or so he said any way i love your post its very sweet as you 😛 , renee it wast realy online dating more like online chatting but i gess we falling in love ,.. things like that happen , its a good thing it only meens that love dosnt know any rules , btw i always use my online nickname (iron) online to talk to people that i dont know yet ,. or know very little about my realy name is remco

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