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When people refer to the “meaning” of a name, they most likely referring to the etymology , which is the original real meaning, I got mine from Behind The Name.

Gender: Feminine
Usage: English
Pronounced: MIL-ee

Milicent: From the Norman French name Melisende, which was itself derived from the Germanic name Amalaswinth, composed of the Germanic elements amal “work, labour” and swinth “strength”. Melisende was a 12th-century queen of Jerusalem, the daughter of Baldwin II.


Camilla: Feminine form of CAMILLUS. This was the name of a legendary warrior maiden of the Volscians, as told by Virgil in the ‘Aeneid’.


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  • You almost uniquely function according to your intuition. Anyway you’d better rely on this faculty of yours rather than on your reasoning as… you scarcely have reason! Your intelligence follows mysterious rules from which logics seems to be excluded. You feel instead of thinking. You live exclusively on emotions, vague and fickle impressions, and you’ve difficulty separating the real from the imaginary.
  • If it’s not well controlled, your shyness may jeopardize your social integration. You often feel more or less devoid, at a loss, before people who’re better installed in reality than you are, and therefore need all the more to feel supported and reassured.
  • Rather indolent, you like living day by day and at the mercy of your changeable humor, without worrying too much, without wanting to adhere to a well defined line of conduct. Your imaginative life harbors illusions of all kinds. You always feel a deep desire to escape realities which frighten you or bore you. However, you’re able to submit gracefully to a discipline that’s imposed by someone else. Your happiness depends on the good will of others for a large part: you like that others take care of you, pamper, counsel, and guide you, and make decisions in your place.
  • One can often reproach you for your inaction or at least for certain passivity. You appear to be doing nothing and nevertheless your imagination brings you very far during that time… and this can sometimes give birth to visions of genius! You’re indisputably endowed with a medium’s capacities and must heed your dreams which either are premonitory or are tell-tale signs of your subconscious universe.
  • It’s in your interest to take material realities into due account and to make necessary efforts daily so as to balance your perceptions, your intuitions, and even your premonitions.
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