I have a lot of opinions on various subjects, they will randomly be posted here as it comes to mind. Keep in mind anything I write on here is my opinion and only mine, you may not agree with it, and that is just fine. WordPress or anyone else cannot be held responsible for what I write about.

I was thinking about this last night as I laid in bed, and came up with a great post, but now I forgot it, so I will try to go ahead and think of what I wanted to say off the top of my head. This is a very touchy subject and there are a lot of people who oppose it and those who are for it, it goes withtou saying. I personally feel that to have an abortion is horrible, who are we to take the life of a possible human being, an innocent one at that. Many doctors say that the embryo is not human, but some studies say that it is human if you can hear a heart beat, and at 18 days you can hear a heart beat. I have also read that it is not a fetus unless it has a functioning cortex which doesn’t happen until the 22nd week. Lots of controversy here. Either way it’s like someone commiting murder, of a potential human being. I know people have their reasons for having abortion and there are extenuating circumstances, and even with those I am a bit iffy about it. It’s not something I would personally do, and I know I won’t change someone’s mind by writing what I write. But think before you decide to have sex, and think of what the possiblities can be. Practice safe sex. Let’s not exclude those men that decide to rape women and then the woman has to make a decision if she wants the child or not. For any of you out there that are thinking of taking something from a female that you “think” you own or have rights to, be prepared to pay the consequences.

What’s there to say about this? Besides that I feel for those who contract it. Like many other subjects a person can take precautions not to get infected. There is a small number that are intentionally infected, and those poor souls are the ones that are given a life sentence. Not that those who weren’t as cautious are not given a life sentence either, in someways I know they put themselves in that position, I hope that a cure is found soon.

Animal Testing
Omg this is so cruel to use animals for testing purposes, I know they do this, so that we as humans can be safer, but the way I see it too is the animal has no voice to be heard besides the voice that the activists give it, and even then they aren’t heard. I don’t think we need certain things if an animal has to be tested with it first to see if it is safe. We didn’t need these things before hand, why should we no? And isn’t cruelty to animals a law? Arent those doing testing on animals practicing cruelty to animals? So are they being arrested?

Email Fwds/Chain Letters
Ahhh I dislike chain letters so much, soon as I get them I roll my eyes, what about those that tell you some child is going to die of cancer if you don’t send the email to 10 people within an hour. Or things similar to that, there is a site that proves to you that those type of emails/chain letters are fake, I don’t have the url, but soon as I get it I will edit this post. Please do not send me no chain letters or I will block your email.

Child Pornography
I was doing a google image search for pretty feet yeah? For my beauty tips section, well I ran across a picture of a girl about my age, showing her boobies, and another girl completely nude. In my eyes that is child pornography, and if I had the ability to catch you perverted fucks I wouldn’t waste a moment, but since I’m only 14 I’ll have some time before I can actually do something about you. You are disgusting, lowest form of life.

Death Penalty
An eye for an eye, you know what the sad part about that is, well there are several things, off the top of my head is those that are affected on both ends, the persons family if they have any, and those of the victim. Either way if the person is convicted without any doubt, then he deserves it, or does he? Should he rot in jail so he can think of how stupid he/she was? Is the death penalty an easy way out? Some may say it is. I was for death penalty only cause I would want harm on someone that deserves it, but just maybe life in prison is a better torture.

As a child of a divorced couple, I have to say it does suck. But at the same time I wouldn’t want to see my mother or father for that matter, have to put up with each other when they don’t love or get along with each other. I miss them, and want them to be together, but in most cases it is better that they do not continue on. Its a hard thing, not having one, and having to share yourself, wanting a normal life with both parents at home. Those of you who do have both, be lucky you have them and appreciate them. keep in touch with the one you don’t see enough of, don’t let too much time go between visits or before you know it, you will be having your own kids. Time can go by fast.

Drunk Driving
I have never drank and drove, heck I can’t even drive :P, but I have known some people who have and thank goodness they have not gotten into accidents. This is a serious crime, lives can be taken at an instant. There should not even be a first time. You got to know NOT to drive when you’ve been drinking, know to take keys away from someone that can potentially be a drunk driver, you may be saving their life and yours. Do not ever get in a car with someone who has had too much to drink, don’t risk your life, it’s not worth it.

Give Credit
This seems to be something a lot of people are discussing on the internet, I completely agree, give credit where credit is due. One of my online friends told me just today that someone used her coding from one of her sites, and didn’t give credit until one day when the girl that is using, asked her to check her site, and she got curious cause the site looked so much like hers, she checked and sure enough it was hers, down to the error she had on the css file. Wow, and even then she didn’t give credit, she asked her but the girl said it would be too much trouble to change all her sites to give credit, how mean is that? Needless to say she (my friend) just told her to forget it, if its too much trouble, there is a perfect example of not giving credit from the beginning. I know we sometimes forget where we get things, but at least note that it isn’t yours, I try to do that. Come on please give credit to those who do a lot of hard work. Everyone will eventually be a vicitim if this online crime.

Love is love I always say. You should not be singled out because you love someone of the same sex. Love is love, let people love whom the ywant, they aren’t hurting anyone, everyone deserves to be loved, and to love. It’s a very simple thing, a human right! As for public displays of affection, same as for heterosexuals, be discreet, and respect yourself and have some morals.

Eww, is all I have to say. Ok I am not grumpy old prune faced person. I am conservative though, and maybe when I get older I may like it, but for now I feel that it is very degrading of women, and women do it to themselves by letting their bodies be used in such ways. Not to mentiong that this is a way some contract diseases. It is a big industry at the expense of women. Its so sad to see women do this to themselves.

Sex Before Marriage
I guess everyone has the right to do it when they want, and no one can keep you from doing it. I am proud to be a virgin and I hope to be when I get married, but then again I am 14 and I still have a lot of living to do. A lot of girls my age are already experimenting with sex. I think if your going to do it, have some self respect, don’t belittle yourself by doing it in the backseat of car, at a park or anything like that. If the guy/girl really loves you, then have him pay for a nice hotel.

Such a disgusting habit, I am so glad I don’t smoke. People smell, their teeth get so yellow, not to mention that their homes smell like ash trays, and if your so unlucky to kiss a big smoker you will be licking the bottom of an ashtray that is the best way to describe it, not that I have, but I have asked people. It’s not only bad for YOUR health, but those around you. I’m glad the government has banned smoking in buildings and restaurants, it don’t give the non smokers a voicie, but now it does.

Splash Page
Some people may like them and use them, but I have seen there really is no use for them. When it comes to people linking you they turn out not linking the index anyway lol. I think anything you put on your splash can well enough go on your main page. Its just an extra page, if you have a site with loads of graphics, I think it would be useful for to have a preloader, and that is when a splash comes in handy.


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