The Grrl


Basic Info

Full Name: Millie *beep beep* thats all you need to know
Location: England
Age: 15
Birthday: October 3, 1991
Astrological Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Goat
Bloodline: German, Dutch and of course American *wink*
Household Life: Live with mom and her partner, sister and brother, father lives in California 😦
Pets: I don’t have any, did have a cat named boots, but he passed away last year, am wanting a new pet


Height: 5’6
Weight: 98 lbs
Hair: Thick brown shoulder length hair
Eyes: Blue *bats eyes*
Figure: Athletic, long legs, nice tan
Tatooes: None
Piercings: None
Other: Very light freckles on my face


Religion: Catholic
Orientation: Straight
Drinking: Nope
Smoker: Eww
Drugs: Heck no!

Hobbies & Interests

Junk Food
Amusement Parks


Negative: I am known to be ditzy even if I am not a blonde. I’m what you calll a clutsy brunette. I am stubborn, and have a bad temper at times, yes I throw temper tantrums, and some think of me as drama queen *beams a smile*, I can be a clever girl at times. I can be snobbish at times, and very impulsive. I don’t admit when I’m wrong, that’s about all I’ll admit to lol. I’m a very outspoken person, and that usually leads to hurting someones feelings unintentionally though. I’m a daydreamer, so sometimes it seems as if I am not listening, my mind will just suddenly pop into another time or something, and I catch myself too. Lastly, I am totally over sensitive, so I take things to heart too quickly and that is when my temper pops into play.

Postive: People like being around me not only cause I like to chat but because of my open mind, and caring heart. I am considerate, understanding, independant, and an excellent friend to have. I’ve been told that I am easy to talk to, and I tend to open up right away especially if the person makes me feel like they really car. I pride myself on my honesty, trustworthyness, loyal nature, generousity and always puts other before myself.

Fashion Sense

Clothing: I consider myself well dressed, with a flare for fashion. I don’t really follow all the trends, but the ones I do, I give a little unique Millie touch to them.
Style: Casual high fashion, love them feminine, flurry, flowery type things, I’m an accessories whore, love things like handbags, braceletes, necklaces, earrings, tons of shoes, clothing etc. Fav colors to wear are pinks, blues, browns, tans, greens, and a lot in between.
Makeup: I don’t wear tons of make up, I like to be all natural, I can’t live without macara, lipgloss, lighter shades of eyeshadows, I am feminie and it shows in what I wear.
Hairstyle: I have shoulder lenght brown hair, maybe a little past my shoulders, I don’t color treat it or perm it, I like it all natural. I curl it from time to time to time, but it’s pretty easy to take care of. Wash, conditioner, blow dry now and then and I’m ready to go, I’m a no fuss girly.


The most important things in my life is my family and my friends. Reading, movies, food, When I make someone happy that makes my day. My camera (before I broke it), music, bubblegum, lipgloss, Pjs & fluffly slippers, jewerly, cuddles (give me some), learning new things, webdesign of course, photography (need a new camera), mascara, laughing, being happy.


Clingy people, two-facedness, cheaters, liars, backstabbers, being lonely, hearing bad news, being yelled at, vomit, spiders, child abuse, animal abuse, smoking, war, violence, vain people, drama, posers, bullies, rudeness, spam, pop-ups, people crying, death.


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