August 20, 2006


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I know I’m on dial up and all. But I think the server that is on is a bit slow. I mean I have been posting on forums most of today hehe. And some of them loaded a lot faster than this did. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful to be able to post anything at all, and to have real blog of some kind. But I am looking forward to being able to move my blog to another server, preferably a faster one. And that is that I am on dial up too.

So like I said, I have been posting at 2 forums today. I can’t seem to log in to the 3rd one, which is where I will attempt to get some hosting space, and I am in line next to get my domain name, and thats only cause the loverly sweet Renee gave me her spot, so sweet, I won’t ever forget her lol. So that’s what my wonderful day has consisted of. Although posting lead me to a lot of interesting things. Oh yeah I began to add to my wishlist right? Well I wanted to add images of the things I want, I had such a hard time, one of the images was being so stubborn it kept moving ugh I finally go so frustrated and said screw it, and just left a text thingy. Man I really wanted the images there. Anyway, it’s linked to where you can get the item.

Right! So, as I was posting at the forum, I came across this really cool site where they will make a cute necklace for you, its so cute, you must check that out, go here I would get the pink one. So as I was browsing the forum, one of the treads asked a question, if you would pop your friends pimple thats on her/his back, I was ewww, thats so gross. NO I would not, would you? I don’t care how close I am with my friends, I wouldn’t do it lol.

I didn’t watch much of tv today, cause I was posting, the worse thing about posting is this. Being on dial up, everything loads up slower! I can hardly wait till we get broadband here, I am so excited about that.

Oh does anyone know anything about bearshare lite? I want to install it but I’m scared to with all the things that have been talked about, people being fined. I know limeware is bein sued or something like that. Does anyone use bearshare?

The latest on that issue about bumping old threads. Well I am wondering if people have such a problem with it, why don’t they just lock the thread, apparently it stays open for people to post right? So what’s going on then? I’m confused. I’m thinking of writing to that girl Shaz that owns the forum and asking, or just asking under the threat ask a question. Should I do that. cause I’m really curious. I was kinda told off twice today for replying to an old threat 😦 .. Okay well I’m going to go, I’m tired. Post again tomorrow. And before I go thank you to the two lovelies that left a comment, thanks Jenn and Fran check out Frans TCG site! Bye for now.


August 19, 2006

Pete Won!

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I am so happy for Pete! I knew since the moment he walked into the Big Brother house that he would win, he just had a very unique personality. I seen his little brother in the audience crying, aww that was soo sweet. I seen his mother too, at one point I thought I seen Pete cry a bit. Aww I am so glad for him. I hope to meet him one day lol. I know it’s silly but he must be a really cool guy in person. So that’s the end of BB, how sad huh? Can’t wait till the next one. I hope the house is better looking then this one was. I mean they didn’t even get a gym, or a decent dining room, and the bathroom sucked lol. The pool was way too small. Ahh well.

So I added some content I’m happy to say, not a lot, just a bunch of opinions, and some visitor content, like beauty stuff, and home made beauty recipes, girl stuff Lol. I don’t know what else to add, I think maybe something on fashion and style, i don’t know.  Got any ideas? Just ask me.

I was watching X Factor today for a while, this lil kid was so nervous on the show, oh gosh almost made me cry when he started to cry. Simon is mean lol.

I joined a new forum, it’s  it’s pretty nice, lots of threadsto post on. Today I was posting, along with last night, and I noticed a lot of older threads were forgotten, so I decided to post a reply on them, then this girl Stacey, U2U’d me lol thats like a PM, and told me that they frown upon newbies that bump old threads, well I had no idea, and I thought hmm why don’t they just close old threads so no one posts on them. I don’t know, I didn’t want to start on a bad note, so all day today off and on, I’ve been posting replies on new threads so no one gets mad at me 😦 I’ve also still been posting at Domain4Free and I am still in 12th position to get a domain, so I am excited about that. Does anyone else post at the Forum? Let me know if what I did was a good idea, just posting on new threads? I’m just curious. Well I’m going to post a bit more and then get off line. Just wanted to say thanks to my commenters, thank you Jenn, Fran, Abbie and the ever lovely and giving Renee, that is the most people to comment on my blog since I opened, yay. I must run off and return the lovely comments. Have a great weekend everyone. Talk again soon.

August 18, 2006

Big Brother Final

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It’s the 30 minute break before Big Brother Final continues, and Pete and Glyn are the only ones left, they just voted off Aislyene, lol I spelled her name wrong last time. I am soo surprised that she made it to the final 3 wow huh? She stayed and Nikki left early on, wow I am so surprised, even before Richard too. You should of seen the look on her face. I was kind of hoping she would make it to the end, I think it’s because she was the “only” girl left and well I am sure lots of girls probably wanted her to win in the end. But here we are and its head to head with Pete and Glyn, who is going to win? Hmm from the audience reaction, I am thinking Glyn is going to win, but I still would like Pete to win, but I am leaning towards Glyn. Who do you want to win? Did you actually vote? I didn’t not allowed to lol. Should you be surprised?

So I have not worked on my fanlisting. I feel like such a failure. I wanted to ask this girl kryz for help but from what I hear she don’t want to be bothered, so I am keeping my distance. I wanted to thank Kammen for commenting, and those other wonderful people. I think I will start to plug those that do comment, its so sweet that they take the time to do it.

Last night it was thundering so loud it scared me lol. The lights didnt flicker though, I was expecting them to, but they didn’t. Anyway I had my friend Ashley over, we were having a sleep over, watched some TV, ate food, talked about boys lol. Speaking of boys, I wanted to say hi to Allen he is so sweet, I miss chatting with him. I met him at the Domain 4 Free forum where I post. I am 12th in line waiting for my domain, and I am getting more and more excited by the day. I have to say a very big thank you to the ever lovely Renee she gave up her spot to get a domain (she has one already) to me, isn’t that just soooo wonderful and kind of her? I love you Renee! I’m going to get going, BB is coming back in about 10mins and I want to get something to eat before it does.

August 9, 2006

Domain 4 Free

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Last night whilst browsing a website, I came across a forum that would give you a free domain for free and all you do is post and get 200 points, so far I am up to 57, and I am going to keep going, I should be done by the end of the week. I posted a thread about The Death Clock which everyone knows it’s all just a joke, much like the site Human For Sale I thoght it to be kind of petty, because it was all in fun. So it’s like saying, it’s okay to sell a human being like they are meat, but to see when you may die is bad? Not fair, it was all a joke anyway and I’m sure everyone knows it, and also it says it on the site too. Grr on the guy who closed that threat!

Well on to the real subject FREE DOMAIN, well it seems like its for real, I don’t have anything to lose with posting at this forum its quite fun, if you want a free domain then go Domain4Free, and sign up that will give me credit toward my domain also. So since I got some free hosting over at then if I do indeed get this domain, then I will be able to use it, how exciting is that, the hard part will be coming up with a name. What a chore? lol.

I watched Big Brother last night, and they finally choose the 4 old housemates to return to the house nextdoor, they are *drum roll* Grace (yuck i don’t like her), Nikki ( i love nikki she is *entertainment*), Mikey (blah), Lea (she cries way too much), anyway those are the old house mates that are going back, out of them, on friday they will choose who will go into the Big Brother main house! I personally would like to see Nikki go back in, cause I think she is very entertaining, but I wouldn’t want to live in the same house as her whinning skinny bum lol. But I do want to see the drama between her and Ashleyne, because everyone knows, they hate each other, so there will be a lot of drama, haha I can hardly wait!

I am still working on my fanlisting site, so that is coming along very slowly, I ran into a little problem but I should be able to fix it soon. I have added a new person to my links on the sidebar go and visit Renee at her website she has some great graphics. I’m going to back to posting, and working on my pages.

August 8, 2006

Cartier Fanlisting!

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Yes!! I applied for a fanlisting for the Cartier brand, yeah they are expensive but a girl can dream right? So anyway, I got the email from the previous owner yesterday. And what happend? I began to panic, I totally forgot I had no hosting what so ever. I have been posting at this one forum, while I wait to see if I get some free hosting from them, but I have heard nothing, so I had to keep looking around. Anddddd to my amazement, I found a place that is offering hosting (awardspace), and the best part about it, well there is many best parts about it, and I’ll tell you about them, is that I don’t have to answer to anyone about when I update, or the lack of members etc, PLUS they offer 1mysql, php and loads of other things. Oh I am so happy, so that is what I’ve been working on now. I’m installing the script called Enthusiast from what I have heard and seen, its a really great script and it is going to be a lot of fun installing it, and doing all the stuff related to it. I have applied for like one or two other fanlistings, but for now, thats good enough, I may even move my clique to this domain also. I still want to get hosting at I want to move this blog to that site. Separate from my collective you might say.

This tv show called “Father of the Pride” is so funny, has anyone seen it? I think it’s adorable. Speaking of adorable, the other day I was at the forum, and a caption contest was up, so I went to it, to see what it’s about. Well we had to write a caption and hope that the guy who owns the site laughs at it, so i said what the hell I’ll go ahead and do it. Then a day or two later, I went back and posted that it reminded me of the blowfish “Bloat” of Finding Nemo, well I commented that it was such a cute movie, this guy commented that sometimes its childish, I said, there is nothing wrong with being childish, am I right? I mean just cause your older doesn’t mean you can’t like that kind of stuff, not that he was saying that but I felt he kind of implied it. But whatever on that, it’s no big deal just thought I would comment on it.

I’m going to watch Big Brother tonight, it’s the episode when they vote someone to be evicted on Friday, but also the night that 4 of the old housemates go back into the house next door, and then 1 of the four will go back into the main house. Woohoo that is going to be some show tonight! Anywone watch the show religiously? I do haha. Friends is on, I want to go watch that and work on my other project, Ok see you later.

August 7, 2006

Sidekick thief

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I was browsing some blogs here on wordpress and I came across this great story I just felt I needed to share. I got this from WhiplashSmile.

It seems this guy’s friend accidentally left her Sidekick in a NYC taxicab. Once the person realized she lost it, she text messaged the phone repeatedly offering a reward for its return. Messages went unanswered, so the woman got a new Sidekick. Once she got the new one going, she found the AOL name and passwords of the person (who by then knew the phone wasn’t abandoned property and kept it anyhow, legally stealing it) who had the phone. Since the service on the stolen Sidekick automatically uploaded all pictures and other data to and from the phone, the woman and her friend had plenty of information on the thieves.

The story gets long really long so its best if you just clicky the link and go read the whole fugly story How NOT to steal a Sidekick.

Sidekick Slut
It goes to show you how karma really does come back, I guess she deserved that one didn’t she?