August 20, 2006


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I know I’m on dial up and all. But I think the server that is on is a bit slow. I mean I have been posting on forums most of today hehe. And some of them loaded a lot faster than this did. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful to be able to post anything at all, and to have real blog of some kind. But I am looking forward to being able to move my blog to another server, preferably a faster one. And that is that I am on dial up too.

So like I said, I have been posting at 2 forums today. I can’t seem to log in to the 3rd one, which is where I will attempt to get some hosting space, and I am in line next to get my domain name, and thats only cause the loverly sweet Renee gave me her spot, so sweet, I won’t ever forget her lol. So that’s what my wonderful day has consisted of. Although posting lead me to a lot of interesting things. Oh yeah I began to add to my wishlist right? Well I wanted to add images of the things I want, I had such a hard time, one of the images was being so stubborn it kept moving ugh I finally go so frustrated and said screw it, and just left a text thingy. Man I really wanted the images there. Anyway, it’s linked to where you can get the item.

Right! So, as I was posting at the forum, I came across this really cool site where they will make a cute necklace for you, its so cute, you must check that out, go here I would get the pink one. So as I was browsing the forum, one of the treads asked a question, if you would pop your friends pimple thats on her/his back, I was ewww, thats so gross. NO I would not, would you? I don’t care how close I am with my friends, I wouldn’t do it lol.

I didn’t watch much of tv today, cause I was posting, the worse thing about posting is this. Being on dial up, everything loads up slower! I can hardly wait till we get broadband here, I am so excited about that.

Oh does anyone know anything about bearshare lite? I want to install it but I’m scared to with all the things that have been talked about, people being fined. I know limeware is bein sued or something like that. Does anyone use bearshare?

The latest on that issue about bumping old threads. Well I am wondering if people have such a problem with it, why don’t they just lock the thread, apparently it stays open for people to post right? So what’s going on then? I’m confused. I’m thinking of writing to that girl Shaz that owns the forum and asking, or just asking under the threat ask a question. Should I do that. cause I’m really curious. I was kinda told off twice today for replying to an old threat 😦 .. Okay well I’m going to go, I’m tired. Post again tomorrow. And before I go thank you to the two lovelies that left a comment, thanks Jenn and Fran check out Frans TCG site! Bye for now.


August 17, 2006

Didn’t get lost!

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Well I have been away for a little bit. Well we celebrated my nana’s bday yesterday, and before that we were preparing because it was suppose to be a special bday, so we were all busy fixing things up, and doing all that goes with that. My other nana, made a special dinner, some of her special stuff she brought from back home, I don’t know what it’s called, but it was soo delicious, when I find out the name of the dish I will definitely post it, mom is busy and don’t want to be bothered. You’re probably wondering, where my father is? Well as you know he is in California and couldn’t make it, but since both my nana’s were here in England visiting, we took the opportunity to make the bday for her. Aww it was fantastic, I had such a nice time, even though a lot of my family was not here it was still nice to have the family that was here with us. I do miss California, and I had really wished my father would of showed up 😦 but he had things he had to do, and was very sorry.

So beside all that fun fun stuff lol. I’ve been posting on the forum today. I went to the other forum but it seems to be down because they seem to be moving things, so I guess I didnt miss much at all, which I am happy about cause I’m trying to see if these websites are for real. Yeah I know I should of checked before, but how can you? You don’t know anyone that has gotten anything there, and besides all this is free, so the only thing I am losing out on is my time. Speaking of time, I really need to work on that fanlisting, but I am so disappointed that I couldn’t get it to work, so I think tomorrow I will delete it and re-do it again.

On this forum thing, I don’t know but I sometimes run out of things to post about lol. It gets boring that’s why I was having fun going from one forum to the other, kept me busy lol. Oh I thought up of another clique to create because my current one isn’t going all that well 😦 .. But my idea for another one, well no one has thought it up yet, so I am hoping I can hurry up and make that one. I won’t say what it is cause I don’t want it stolen lol. Man I hope I get my hosting soon. Lol that was random. I posted a reply about Eminem, I’m not a fan sorry to say! Anyway I need to be getting to bed, cause my mom will have my arse. I feel as if I just skimped through this post sorry if it seemed like that.