September 6, 2006

Scam or not?

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Here I am again, still very busy now. But I’m going to try to post as much as I can. School gets a hold of you and doesn’t want to let go, then you don’t only have that, but then you have home life too. Ugh, it’s unbearable sometimes. So I am back, and I went to post some at this one board I go to, cause I am trying to collect enough space to open a reseller, and then I can set up my site and all, possibly even host others, but I don’t know if I want to even bother seeing as how busy I seem to be getting. I hope it’s not this crazy all year long, I would seriously start hating it.

I’ve been thinking about my little clique, it’s not doing so good. I have plans of maybe closing it for good, since getting domains these days seem to be getting easier and easier, plus no one really uses .tk’s anymore you know? Oh well at least I tried, but I am thinking of another clique to open up, I’ve looked around but have no seen any like it, so it’s a good chance that is what will be happening.

Omg I was posting and I went to the board to see what’s up, and OMG people are saying it’s a scam, I am so disappointed I put in time to that board to get my free space and now people are saying it’s all a scam. Well I’m not going to post anymore, no one knows where the admin is, and there is a spammer on the board, and no one can do anything about it. *shakes my head* Anyway, so I am waiting to hear from another website about hosting, I applied to them a while ago, so at least I have that relieable source, even thought you don’t do any posting, and it’s like a random thing, I don’t know if I’ll get picked or not, but I hope so. I don’t know what is happening with my domain either, I’m there now looking around, reading and seeing what is up. I am supposably next in line to get it. I think I’ll close here and go post at that board for a bit, see what has been going on since I been gone. Thanks everyone for your fab comments.


September 4, 2006


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So it was the first day, and it was kind of like being at home, when I say home I mean back in America, except for the uniforms, we didn’t wear any in the school I went to. The people are nice, and the guys are hot lol. Teachers are weird no matter where you are at. I kind of roamed around alone for a bit then, I finally found Amanda and Ashley, yay for that, if it wasn’t for them, I’d be such a loner hahah. I am never one to really talk about school, well for one reason my mom prefers I don’t for safety reasons if you know what I mean. And because eventually I am going to be saying school sucks, so the less I talk about it, the better I suppose.

Believe it, and I know you will. I got loads of homework already, ugh! My online life is going to shrink so much lol, well at least until I get into the groove of things in school. I won’t be able to blog much, as I have homeword, and mom insistes I do that before considering to turn this thing on, but I told her I needed to look something up, so it gave me a chance to put up a quick little post. Alright, I’ll write more maybe tomorrow or in a day or two. I hope I get my domain soon hehe. Ok buh bye