September 4, 2006


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So it was the first day, and it was kind of like being at home, when I say home I mean back in America, except for the uniforms, we didn’t wear any in the school I went to. The people are nice, and the guys are hot lol. Teachers are weird no matter where you are at. I kind of roamed around alone for a bit then, I finally found Amanda and Ashley, yay for that, if it wasn’t for them, I’d be such a loner hahah. I am never one to really talk about school, well for one reason my mom prefers I don’t for safety reasons if you know what I mean. And because eventually I am going to be saying school sucks, so the less I talk about it, the better I suppose.

Believe it, and I know you will. I got loads of homework already, ugh! My online life is going to shrink so much lol, well at least until I get into the groove of things in school. I won’t be able to blog much, as I have homeword, and mom insistes I do that before considering to turn this thing on, but I told her I needed to look something up, so it gave me a chance to put up a quick little post. Alright, I’ll write more maybe tomorrow or in a day or two. I hope I get my domain soon hehe. Ok buh bye