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Hey guys, worrying about what to wear is not only for girls these days. A mens fashion expert Andy Gilchrist said “Researchers have come up with some scientific evidence to support the fact that what you wear really does make a difference in how you influence the world around you.” He also said that looking good can even affect your grades, good huh? Below are a few rules from Andy’s website.

Andy understands that it’s not always easy for a teen guy to know what’s in or out. So he suggests that you watch how other guys put things together.

“Research magazines, TV, movies, rock groups, walk through department stores, and analyze what the ‘in’ kids are wearing to school.”

He cautions: “But remember just because a new fashion trend is in a store or on a boy band doesn’t make it right.”

I agree! Just because N*Sync walks around sporting rhinestone-studded bandannas and cowboy hats doesn’t mean you should.

Are you getting the hang of this fashion thing yet?

Here are my suggestions for making it easier:

You can compliment or contrast. Here’s the lowdown:

Choose either complimentary or contrasting colors (to avoid a just-rolled-outta-bed-and-threw-something-on look). Try these:




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